Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dr. King is crying.

I read a story this morning that made me angry, then it made me scared and now it just makes me sad. There was a young boy in Florida who was attacked on a school bus by three older boys. The news is saying that this was a “retaliation” attack for the George Zimmerman verdict. What happened to Trayvon Martin was a tragedy; it could have been completely avoided if the one holding the gun had called the police instead of going out on, what amounted to, a vigilante raid of the unknown young man in his neighborhood. Thanks  to one idiots actions, we were subject to Rev Sharpton and Jesse Jackson calling for the white man’s head on a platter, how there should be justice for Trayvon, etc, etc. I totally agree with them on this, the shooting and death of this young man was a tragedy. The only question I have for Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, where were you when this young white man was brutally attacked by the 3 older black kids on the school bus? You were quiet, that’s where.

From what I remember of the history of Dr.King, who Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson rode his coattails to get to where they are at now. Dr. King was all about peace and safety for all people, all children, regardless of color, regardless of social class, regardless of where you came from or where you’re going. His hopes were that one day people of all colors would be able to live in harmony. Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been living to make a name for themselves in D.C. by creating and perpetuating controversy between the races. If you were truly living by the beliefs of Dr. King you’d be just as outraged and disgusted by this revenge attack as you were of the Zimmerman/Martin attack. If you could stop being a common political media whore for a few moments, you’d see that being one sided will never get this country back on track to starting to heal the rift that is very obvious in today’s society.