Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pepper spray and UCD

I have one thing to say about the students who were pepper sprayed on the UCD Campus. You're a DUMB ASS!

What we were privileged to see on the 11 o'clock news was only 5 seconds of the whole picture. And the totally unbiased media won't show you the events leading up to the 5 second clip. Basically what happened is the police arrested a couple of the protesters for vandalism and trying to incite a riot. They left the rest of the protesters who were being sheep and following what one very boisterous person was telling them to do. They followed the police to where they were "staging" those arrested until a police vehicle could come and pick them up, book them and probably release them. The police did the absolutely right thing by trying to remove the ones causing trouble away from the ones who were peacefully protesting. The sheep in them decided to go protest where the trouble makers were being held.

They not only decided to follow the police to where the trouble makers were being held, they decided to surround the police to keep them from taking the trouble makers away. That folks is considered obstruction of justice, and if the police officers on the scene feel that they are in danger, that's threatening an officer. The officers went to the young lemmings who were blocking their vehicles and tried to convince these young lemmings that they should allow for the vehicle to come in and let them do their job, or they would have to take the appropriate actions so that they could do their jobs. These young sheep, decided that the "pigs" were obviously kidding about taking the appropriate actions and decided to stay and obstruct the officers from doing their jobs. The police attempted, for what was approximately 45 minutes, possibly longer, to convince these young sheep/lemmings to move long enough to allow them to bring the vehicle in to do their job. These young sheep/lemmings decided to make jokes instead, and laugh at the officer's attempts to get them to comply. The officers even went so far to warn the young sheep/lemmings/dumb asses that they would resort to using pepper spray on those who were blocking them in.

At this point, the police who were on the scene were being surrounded by the protesters who were being egged on by an anonymous voice off to the side. The scariest thing was that whatever this voice said, it was immediately chanted by the mindless masses who were surrounding the police officers.

After what seems like 5 attempts to persuade these young sheep/lemmings/dumb asses to move and allow the police to do their job, or to get pepper sprayed. The police, get this, used the pepper spray on the 15-20 young sheep/lemmings/dumb asses who were on the path that the police vehicle was trying to come in on. That's it... The police didn't go wild and start spraying everyone in site like the media is leading the general public of sheep to believe. Just the ones who were blocking the vehicle and refusing to move.

Now, to me, that's like throwing a rock at a police officer and crying foul when they arrest me for assault or tripping one while they are chasing after a robber, then cuffing me for obstruction/assault. I know that these don't compare to the crimes that were committed by the young sheep/lemmings/dumb asses at UCDavis, but it's the same principle.

Davis is one of the top schools in the state and the Nation. This school has been known for creating free thinkers, leaders of industry and environmental issues. All I saw were lemmings, mindless drones doing what an anonymous voice was telling them to do. This is a far cry from their grandparents at the campuses of the 1960's. With the world of easily posted videos and the smaller hand held video cameras, I think that it's getting to the point where media should be held accountable for the snippets and the parts taken out of context, if they're not going to show the whole story.

Please young lemming dumb asses, please I implore you, start acting more like free thinkers than the sheep that you were that day.