Friday, November 12, 2010


So this day started off fairly well. I came in, checked my stuff, everything looked good, so I went to breakfast.
Low and behold I found out that the stuff that ran didn't finish completely or at all, hence the error alerts that were set up didn't run at all. Fantastic. I go back to the group that I've been working with and tell them. They're understandably concerned. I get off the phone and get back to fixing the issue. I get a phone call about 15 minutes later from their boss, who just so happens to be my interim boss, and proceed to get a serious ass chewing. I listen to what he's saying, being quiet to let him finish his thoughts which seems to piss him off even more. I don't understand this, I've always been raised to let someone finish before you rebut what they say. Apparently he's use to people disputing with him while he's talking and my letting him finish his thoughts must have been an insult to him. He finished and all I said was "Ok" then hung up.

Now there's one thing that I've learned over the years with regards to I.T. folks, management in particular. When they are that angry, justified or not, they aren't hearing what you're telling them, so it's pointless to argue with them. This might come across as apathetic, or what have you, but I really don't have time to play this game with them. I'm willing to play "Hide and go fuck yourself" but not the I can Yell Louder Than You Can To Get My Point Across game. The thing that really stinks about this? I turned down a job with a better company, better benefits, a larger team to help me out, and at literally twice what I make... just at the beginning of this week.

The reason for declining wasn't because I love my JOB or what have you, it's because I made a promise to MG to keep her in the school she started with the friends that she's made and most importantly I love HER